Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of Forex Fury. This page will help you with some of the most basic questions you may have about our services. The most frequent questions or issues are usually from clients who haven’t authenticated properly, or have a high spread broker that needs to be adjusted for. These answers and many others are all available here, but if something isn’t, just email us, because we respond very quickly.


There are NO updates, upsells or extra charges.


Check your email (and junk mail) for your members area registration link to download Forex Fury.

This depends on the market conditions, and how many pairs you are using.

You can see our trading accounts on the front page of the website to measure.

Generally, we expect 5-10 trades per day.

This is always a TYPO issue.

Make sure when you are entering the domain into the software that you use https://www.forexfury.com. Copy and paste this so you know it’s right.

Watch this video closely: https://youtu.be/bbs_hEppViQ


Go here: https://www.forexfury.com/members-area/authenticate/

We aim to grow accounts 20-40% per month, compounding.


This is a lifetime membership, you get full access.

Any MT4 broker is compatible.

You can use your current broker, or choose from our recommendations in the members area after you sign up.

24/7, you will normally get a response within a couple hours during business days.

Not currently. We are happy with our current rate of client acquisition.

  1. Please be patient, it is rare but there can be days without trades. Open more demo accounts (you have unlimited demo accounts).
  3. The most common reason for the EA not to trade: Set MaxSpread to a higher number. Check your broker spread, if it is above 2.5, you will have to right click on the chart go into the expert properties and increase the max_spread to accomodate your spread. You can find out your broker spread by installing this indicator: https://www.mql5.com/en/code/9492 or you can find out your spread by simply looking at the Bid and the Ask in the Market Watch. The difference, is your Spread.
  4. Set MaxOrders to 1 also in expert properties. Some brokers only allow opening one trade at a time (FIFO rules). This is the most common reason the EA isn’t trading.
  5. On smaller accounts, set UseIncreamentalLotSize to FALSE, then set lot size to a smaller amount your broker will allow like .10 or .01.
  6. Lastly, remove other EA’s you believe may be interfering.

Access Expert Properties by right clicking on the chart.

If your results are different you likely didn’t set up the Start Trading time and End Trading time properly.

StartTradingTime = 23:00:00 : Start trading time it is best value is 20:00:00 UTC/GMT
EndTradingTime = 23:59:00 : End trading time it is best value is one hour from the start trading time so it will be 20:59:59 UTC/GMT

This is easy to do, ask your broker what their GMT offset is, or search for it on their website.

In this case my broker time is GMT 0.

Forex Broker GMT 0 means I set StartTradingTime to 20:00 and EndTradingTime to 20:59
If your Forex Broker GMT is -2 Then we subtract 2 from 20:00 and we put STT at 18:00 and ETT at 18:59
If Your Forex Broker GMT is +3 Then we add 3 from 20:00 and we get STT at 23:00 and ETT at 23:59

  • November 1 – April 1 add +1 to your normal GMT.

Using brokers different from the accounts you are viewing can cause small differences, but nothing drastic.

Yes, you can.

Yet, you should keep in mind that the Fury EA is an advanced system that uses live data. Live data is not reproduced in backtests, so you will not get accurate backtest results.

Every worthwhile robot in current times is using live data, so this is a common occurrence.

Go to our Forex Fury Success Guide Here.

This guide shows you how you can use your unlimited demo accounts to test different pairs, times and settings. This method is used by some of our top clients to find great gains, and much of the research completed is directly from our members.

We do everything in our power to ensure that you win trades.

That's our promise, and guarantee.