Return Policy

As a member of Forex Fury you must adhere to this return policy if you intend to pursue a refund. First, understand that there is a learning curve with the software, that will take varying lengths depending on the client’s trading experience. While we have provided refunds in the past, we have found that 99% of our refunds could be avoided by the client putting in more time or effort. A trading sample size of a few days, or even a week is not enough, as this is a long-term professional trading tool.

In order to qualify for a return, the client must follow these rules:

  1. The client must provide 30 days of trading results (demo or live), no backtests, within the first 60 days.
  2. The client must use 1 pair per account.
  3. The client must trade the designated time period each day.

Obviously, the client can trade many different accounts and we expect their to be many tests, which is why we provide unlimited demos. Yet, for the sake of our policy, we expect the rules to be followed.

As an aside, do not give up too soon. We have thousands of successful clients, and hundreds of clients that have purchased more licenses because they wanted to run multiple live accounts.

There are no refunds for the following types of orders:

  • Diamond orders
  • Additional licenses

Thanks, and good luck.