The Forex Fury robot provides traders with real-time automated results that can be trusted as we boast a 93% winning track record with verified Myfxbook acounts, and expect to get better with each and every passing day.

With full length installation guides, an ultra responsive support team, super profitable settings, analysis and walkthrough videos, traders of all skill levels can benefit from the Forex Fury software immediately.

We care about our clients. We do everything in our power to ensure our trading clientele is happy. If you email us you will get a fast and thoughtful response (email us, test us!) that sets us apart from our competition.

Forex Fury is the most effective EA on the market. This software is the life’s work of our development team and it provides traders of all skill levels an investment opportunity that is both safe and aggressive simultaneously. We know what it takes to succeed and we will do whatever it takes to help you grow your accounts.

Robot Features

  • Compatible with NFA, FIFO, MT4 and MT5 Build 600+
  • Tested and Proven SET Files (always new settings in development)
  • Low, Medium & High Risk Strategies
  • ECN Support
  • Effective Money Management To Ensure Sustainable Growth
  • Trade Any Pair, Indices, or Crypto
  • Works With Any MT4/MT5 Trading Brokerage
  • Multiple Filters To Avoid Bad Market Conditions
  • Easy 5 Minute Installation With Full Guides and Videos

Trading Results

Please peruse our real trading accounts below. You will find both live and demo accounts, that show the true power of the Fury software. Our accounts track records and trading privileges are fully verified by a third party (Myfxbook), and they are all with trusted brokerages.

Update: Some of the accounts below expired, this can happen from time to time so we are always adding more. These results are all very relevant.

Forex Fury USDJPY

Forex Fury Verified GBPUSD

Forex Fury Verified USDCHF

Forex Fury Verified Live

Forex Fury Verified USDJPY

Forex Fury Client Account


Forex Fury V4 USDJPY


Forex Fury V4 EURUSD


Forex Fury V4 Update

We are adding many new live trading accounts to show the features of our latest update to V4.

The leap to this version is our biggest technological advance yet, so we are excited to showcase all of our new features in live trading conditions.

Settings for our live accounts can be found in the members area.

15 Year Backtest

1 Live Account License
Unlimited Demo Accounts
Free Updates
High Performance Settings
Lifetime Membership
2 Live Account License
Unlimited Demo Accounts
Free Updates
High Performance Settings
Lifetime Membership

Having trouble ordering? Email us, or try placing an order with PayPal directly, by clicking here.

Client Testimonials

The client feedback for our product is over 90% positive.

We are not perfect, but we are always updating, learning, and bettering our service through free updates and continuous development.

My MAIN LIVE account is Up 64% in 3 months. I am going to withdraw profits at 100% then start again. Trying high risk settings on this account, but using longs only on pairs in a clear up trend and shorts only on pairs in a clear down trend. EASY STUFF 🙂
Lous Wang
Lous Wang
Never won so many trades before in FX. Fury is so good. My only issue is the range filter seems too strict. Makes it very low risk, but not enough trades. I'm emailing support to see if they can do something about it. They respond to all my emails fast which is also good.
Leigh R
Leigh R
Flipped a $1000 account to $2000 in 1 month. I'm sure I took a lot of risk but I watched it closely and only let it trade days when the market was ranging. I looked at the higher timeframes at the beginning of each trading day, and only traded pairs it was ranging. Best range trading EA ever.
INCREDIBLE ROBOT! I never give 5 stars to anything, but I'm very happy with Forex Fury. The Entries are incredible, the support is incredible, and I'm laughing all the way to the bank.
Suz Sash
Suz Sash
Not perfect but getting there. Like a few other reviewers here, I've been with Forex Fury for a long time. Wasn't happy at first, but in the last 4-5 months they've made big leaps.
Blake O
Blake O
Very good trading robot. I have 4 licenses for different reasons. 3 licenses I use for low risk accounts, 1 license I try to double accounts quickly with high risk.
Lane Owings
Lane Owings
Loving V4, excited for V4.1. I've heard rumors of news filter addition too, I think this will be very good to limit some drawdowns. Stay out of trending markets, and never lose with Fury! I give 4/5 not 5/5 because it does take some skill to setup, test and use.
Neal N
Neal N
Very upfront about everything. Works well, wins a lot of trades. My only complaint is that they use a lot of high risk trading to market the product when I think they should show more low risk accounts too.
Cal Sym
Cal Sym
I am giving Forex Fury 5 stars for excellent customer service. I was having some installation problems that was quickly and patiently dealt with by Sean. At times his response was within minutes not hours of waiting. I am yet to put the robot to test but I am sure I will be very please with its performance. I will update this review after using the robot. Many thanks again Sean. From your new client Farouq.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


There are NO updates, upsells or extra charges.


Check your email (and junk mail) for your members area registration link to download Forex Fury.

We aim to grow accounts 10-20% per month.

This does depend on market conditions though, and past results do not guarantee future profits.

This depends on the market conditions, and how many accounts you are running.

You can see our trading accounts on the front page of the website to measure exactly how many trades.

Generally, we expect 0-7 trades per day.


This is a lifetime membership, you get full access.

Any MT4 broker is compatible, we have clients all around the world.

You can use your current broker, or choose from our recommendations in the members area after you sign up.

Worldwide clients use PaxForex & FXOpen.

US Clients use OspreyFX.

Not currently.

If we ever provide trials, we will add that information here.

You can start with $0, on a demo account. Or, as low as $100 on a micro account if you want to trade live. The robot is compatible with all account sizes from very small, to very large.

Our service uses a range based trading method that works best in low volatility. We have filters to ensure the robot trades during these conditions, but you’re welcome to pair this with your own expertise to dominate the markets.

We trade 1 hour per day, and 1 pair per account to ensure that we avoid volatility at all costs, and so that our accounts grow steadily.

Once the software is installed to your trading account, it will monitor the markets.

When trades are available, the robot will place trades automatically, and then close those trades automatically based on the settings.

You can manually intervene, but there is no need to intervene as the software is completely automated.

You cannot use this on your phone.

Our robots work on either MT4 or MT5, which require a PC, MAC or VPS.

We do everything in our power to ensure that you win trades.

That’s our promise, and guarantee.